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Renting a dumpster can be really handy if you have tons of waste you need to dispose of quickly. However, before you rent your dumpster, you have to consider a few things first to make the process as easy and affordable as possible. In this article, we are going to cover the steps to take to organize a successful community clean up.

Organize the community

The first step to a successful community clean-up is to mobilize residents through neighbourhood committees. Talk to influential people in the community and ask for their help in getting volunteers for the project. Once you get enough volunteers, you can allocate duties and responsibilities. Have teams and choose team leaders to better control the masses. This is a crucial step in determining the success of the clean-up.

Get the supplies

The importance of getting all the supplies on time cannot be over-emphasized. One of the most critical parts of a clean-up is getting a dumpster rented.

Dumpster rentals serve various purposes. As a community, for instance, you need different sized dumpsters for the varying materials that residents will trash. Additionally, you should consider large items that need special disposal, including hazardous materials.

Pinpoint clean-up sites

Unless it is a small community, it is practically impossible to clean the whole neighbourhood in a day. As such, it is essential to pinpoint sites that are in dire need of the clean-up. When picking sites remember to consider the number of volunteers, you don’t want to spread people too thin. At the end of the day, everyone should feel accomplished and notice an improvement in the area they’ve cleaned.

Look for sponsorship

If you are from a large neighbourhood, consider looking for sponsorship. You could involve local businesses and non-governmental organizations. Come up with a list of various organizations that are big on environmental preservation.

Expand your search to organisations outside your neighbourhood. That way, you are in a better position to get organizations that are ready to share in your success.


The only way to achieve a good turn out is to publicize your event. If you have enough funding, you can seek local media coverage. A few weeks before the clean-up, give out flyers and posters. A promotional banner might also help in creating awareness. Make sure you hang it on a busy road that passers-by and motorists frequent.

Before the clean-up, make sure you get permits from relevant authorities. Failure to do so may make you suffer hefty fines or cancellation of the event.


Clean-ups are a fun way to create awareness of the importance of a clean environment. On the designated day make sure all supplies are ready at the break of dawn. Have refreshments and first aid kits at hand. Have a designated place where garbage haulers will pick up trash after the event.

Last but not least, make sure you appreciate your volunteers. A simple thank you note is enough to show your appreciation to local businesses and other participating organizations.