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Why You Should Rent a Dumpster

If you own a large company, office, or even a home, then renting a dumpster when dealing with a large amount of debris becomes a no-brainer. A trusted dumpster company will make your life infinitely easier by removing the hassle of hauling your trash to the landfill. Dumpster services are fit for both small and large-scale purposes. As an office manager, you won’t need to worry about disposing of your junk at the nearest junkyard or recycling center. Besides, renting a dumpster won’t cost your company or organization a pretty penny. A good dumpster rental will be reasonably priced, and the removal services you experience will be efficient and hassle-free. It’s important to consider renting a dumpster for proper waste management.

One of the primary benefits of renting a roll-off dumpster is that you can use it for several days. With a dumpster, you simply take your time and fill it up, and then call the company when you are ready for the dumpster to be picked up. Some dumpsters are big enough to fit large items such as large office equipment and furniture, and even have walk-in doors. These dumpsters will still accommodate small debris and junk. The following are some additional reasons why renting a dumpster is a good idea:

Dumpster Rentals Are Quick & Hassle-Free

This is one of the biggest advantages to renting a dumpster in Temecula. We can often get you a dumpster to your location in 24 hours or less, so before you know it, you’ll have your trash out of your life. Before you begin your job, decide when you’ll need the dumpster, and approximately how long you’ll need it for. You can call in your order in advance to reserve your dumpster ahead of time, but you can also call very close to the date you’ll need it. We’ll always do our best to squeeze you into our schedule!

Using a dumpster creates a clean jobsite. You won’t have full bins of trash remaining at your location even a week later. Renting a dumpster is a good idea because it forces you to organize your schedule, plan out your project, and ultimately finish faster.

Dumpsters Provide Eco-Friendly Services

Before getting rid of your trash, it’s important to note that most trash and debris can have severe impacts on the environment if improperly disposed of. You, therefore, need to hire a commercial dumpster rental company that prioritizes green services. More and more dumpster companies have resolved to go green, and Value Dumpster Rental Temecula is proud to say that we properly dispose of all waste through the appropriate channels every time. Before disposing of your trash, a good dumpster rental service will sort out all the materials at the landfill to recycle, repurpose, and properly dispose of as much as possible. This is a service that many homeowners and businesses can’t afford to spend the time on, yet it is critical to the environment’s health.
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Dumpsters are Cost Efficient

If you are running a business and need to dispose of construction waste, hiring a dumpster company instantly makes your venture more profitable as your clean-up process will be done much more quickly. If you are a homeowner, your time is valuable as well. Instead of spending hours hauling your trash to the dump yourself, hiring a dumpster company will greatly reduce the time spent dealing with your debris.

Our Dumpster Sizes

We offer dumpsters of various sizes depending on your needs. Here are the sizes of our dumpsters:

15-yard dumpsters- Our 15-yard dumpsters are lowboys, meaning that they are low to the ground and very easy to load. They measure 16′ long × 8′ wide × 2.5′ high. They are most appropriate for small renovations, remodeling projects, and medium-sized cleanup tasks. If you need to dispose of taller debris such as furntiure, you may want to consider a larger dumpster.

20-yard dumpsters- They measure 22’ long × 8’ wide × 4’ high. These dumpsters are considerably longer than a 15 yarder. The dumpster is generally suitable for large home cleanup projects and medium-sized renovation tasks.
30-yard dumpsters- These dumpsters measure 22’ long× 8’ wide × 6’ high. They have high walls, which are considerably higher than those of the 20 yarders. The dumpster is generally more extensive than what it can accommodate. They are usually best for more substantial renovation and remodeling projects.

40-yard dumpsters- These measure 22′ long× 8′ wide× 8’ high. Their walls are higher than those of 30 yarders. These are typically used for the largest projects.

The Dumpster Rental Process

There are three simple steps that you’ll need to follow. Here are the steps:

1. Gather all the information you need to request a price quote

2. Call the dumpster company and book your rental, asking any questions regarding the service, additional charges, and restrictions

3. Pick a good location and adequately prepare the site where the dumpster will be placed. This will ensure that your project runs more efficiently to avoid any damages to your property.

Dumpster Rental Advice

Follow these pieces of advice to keep your dumpster rental costs down, and to make your cleanout a breeze.

Organize Your Trash Beforehand

Many people consider this step unnecessary, as they may think that you can toss anything into a dumpster. However, we advise you to organize your trash before we arrive, as this dramatically saves you time and money. For example, by breaking down boxes, you’ll end up saving space in the dumpster, allowing more room for more debris.

Furthermore, we recommend that you place big, unwieldy items in the dumpster first, so that you can place the smaller items later with ease. If you save the big items for last, you may have trouble fitting them in. Make sure that nothing is sticking out over the top of the dumpster, because the driver will not be able to drive away. It’s illegal to move a dumpster on a roadway with any debris hanging out of it.

Review What’s Allowed in Your Dumpster

Most dumpster rental companies have restrictions and rules regarding what you can put in their dumpsters, due to landfill regulations. This is to make sure all items are disposed of properly for environmental reasons. For example, if you are only disposing of concrete or bricks, we have a special dumpster that we will provide you that you can load to your heart’s content. Of course, we will let you know about prohibited materials beforehand, but if you have any questions, it will save you money to ask ahead of time. If prohibited materials are found in your dumpster, that will increase the price of your rental. Just take a look at the list below for a sample of some of the items that cannot be put in your dumpster rental.

Pick the Best Spot for Your Dumpster

When you rent a dumpster, it’s important to note that you’ll be having it stay on your property for several days. You’ll want to clear an area large enough for the dumpster to be placed on arrival that doesn’t interfere with your work, yet is close enough so that you don’t have to make long trips to it. Take a look at the dumpster dimensions above to get an idea for where you can put your dumpster. Very often a driveway is the ideal place to put the dumpster. You’ll need permission to put the container on the street or public property, so keep that in mind as you survey your property. Note that if the dumpster company drives out there with the dumpster and there is nowhere to place the dumpster, you will be charged a “dry-run’ fee for the fuel, time, and labor spent in making the trip to your site. We also recommend clearing stray items or debris away from the dumpster site, to avoid having it damaged during delivery. Save yourself time and money by clearing an appropriate place beforehand.

What You Can and Can’t Put in A Dumpster

It’s important to note that this list isn’t exhaustive. Ensure that you don’t put any of the prohibited items in the dumpster because once the trash removal service finds them, they will charge you an additional fee for improperly disposing of the items.

The following is a list of items allowed in a dumpster:

1. Household trash

2. Construction debris

3. Yard waste

4. Concrete, asphalt, and brick

The following is a list of items not allowed in a dumpster

1. Tires

2. Medical waste

3. Refrigerators

4. Paint and lacquer

5. Asbestos

6. Car and lithium batteries

7. Ink, adhesives, and household cleaners

8. Fuel, propane tanks, and oil

Price Transparency, Great Service, and No Hidden Fees

Many people have had difficult experiences working with trash companies, and we strive to be different. With us you won’t experience shoddy customer service or any hidden fees, ever. When you give us a call, we’ll quote you upfront, and provide you with all the pricing information on your first call. We encourage you to compare prices and offerings between other local companies before settling on your final decision. When making price comparisons among different companies, you must demand transparency. We provide you with this level of transparency up front, and when you speak with our representatives, you’ll immediately see the level of care and attention we devote to every customer. We are clear about our costs and you’ll never get a surprise charge from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long can I rent a dumpster?

As long as you need. One can rent a dumpster for a single day or several weeks. Usually six or seven days are included in your rental, and then there will be a small daily rate if you wish to keep it longer than that.

Is there a specific way to load the dumpster?

Yes, load the dumpster evenly to ensure that the trash is evenly distributed. Also, don’t overload the dumpster, as the driver won’t be able to leave until all debris is safely in the container.